The Duo

Flara K is a duo from Montreal, Canada who explore a unique blend of R&B, indie pop, and electronic music influences.  

Their debut EP titled Anxious, Irrational, Fashionable is a collection of collaborative efforts alongside Mike Clay (Clay and Friends), Shakur Ahmad (Glass Animals), Milo Gore, and producer Lucas Liberatore. The release, accompanied with a month-long livestream RV tour across Canada helped garner attention from various outlets such as Radio-Canada, BBC Introducing, CBC, including a feature with Thomas Power on CBC's Q.  

The months between November 2020 - March 2021 inspired the duo to look inward and embrace a state of reinvention. Their upcoming EP, 'somewhere in between', is a self-produced mix of indie, pop, and R&B, inspired by acts such as Chiiild, Edwin Raphael & Golden Vessel.  

Their new EP, 'somewhere in between' has caught the attention of DSP’s as the duo has been featured on playlists such as Spotify’s New Music Friday Canada, It’s a Bop, Ready for the Day, Fresh Finds: Pop, Mood Ring, and Apple Music’s New in Pop, New in R&B, and Breaking R&B.

"With an ethereal soundscape, an irresistibly funky bassline and glossy, harmony-led hooks that’ll get stuck in your head for days at a time, “Rumours & Doubts” certainly sounds like the product of a band with confidence… in fact, it sounds like the product of a band with unabashed, vibey swagger. Clad with ‘00s-inspired fashion and blissful R&B-esque vocals, it’s a fine encapsulation of all the amazing things bubbling up in modern pop and electronic circles." 
-American Songwriter


The EP somewhere in between is a collection of songs composed during the months of lockdown in a cold Montreal winter. Focusing on a strained relationship, Rumours & Doubts and day drunk touch on dealing with personal vices that create a negative and toxic mental state. The only way out is vulnerability - to move past barriers that make it impossible to talk honestly with those around you. 

The final track Insecure pt I & II is the hard conversation where all doubts, self-comparison, and distrust are finally stripped away, opening a state of mind, not as fragile as the one referenced in day drunk, but one that is reinforced with confidence ,and hopefulness. 

‘Somewhere in between’ marks the end of this period of self discovery for the duo as they look to release their debut LP in 2022, with a more refreshed, positive state of mind. 




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